Pokémon Go: trick to get Pikachu as a starter

pokemon go pikachu

Pokemon Go Cheats  : Guide to get Pikachu as a starter – Go Pokémon available to crew for iOS and Android is the game that all fans of Pokemon (and others) were waiting. The mobile game developed by Niantic makes it possible to capture Pokemon in real life by using the maps and augmented reality! In Pokémon Go cheats, before leaving for the adventure, you’ll have to choose your starter Pokémon, as a true Pokémon Trainer.

Before starting the game, Pokémon Go will offer you a tutorial with which you can get familiar with the application. Like a real Pokémon Trainer, your first task will be to choose your Pokémon starte. At your disposal there will Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander but now we will show you the guidance to get Pikachu as a starter Pokémon in Pokémon Go cheats .

Professor Willow, the professor who will guide you in Pokémon Go , will propose the first three starter Pokémon. It was, however, discovered a trick that allows you to have as starter Pokémon Pikachu , as in Pokémon Yellow or in the famous cartoon. Now we show, even through a little under video visible, like having Pikachu as a starter Pokémon in Pokémon Go cheats.

First, you need to avoid capture the three Pokémon that appear around you: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. You have to move until the three Pokémon will not reappear around you. This operation must be repeated three times, the fourth time will also appear alongside the three Pokémon Pikachu that you can capture as your starter Pokémon in Pokémon Go cheats. To be successful with this trick you will need to walk for a long time and a lot of space, sometimes even 40 minutes. Once captured Pikachu as a starter Pokémon, you can continue your adventure in Pokémon Go as always.

Hay Day Diamonds For Free – without hack or cheat

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You want to get more free Hay Day diamonds and looking for a few tips and tricks how that works?In this guide we detail the question of diamonds in Hay Day and show you some legitimate actions in the game, as you can get these. Anticipation, this is not a diamond hack or cheat that is presented here, or similar illegal.There is no cheat for more diamonds and should there be one, then the use is not allowed, because the game of Super Cell financed through the sale of premium currency. We will come to speak all over again in more detail but this much anticipated, there is no cheat for Hay Day.But we come back to the topic, and that is our short guide on how to get more free diamonds in Hay Day. From the home Supercell are not only well-known game titles like Clash of Clans or the new Boom Beach, but the Finnish developer has brought the Farmer Simulation named Hay Day to the market, which enjoys a very large popular. This is a traditional Farmer game, as one then knew from the old and famous Facebook games, but which brings lots of great challenges in addition to the basic functions. Not for nothing Hay Day has for many months to find the first places in this genre, and has not for nothing more than 50,000,000 downloads in Google Play and alone in the Android version. As in other free-to-play games are also available in Hay Day is a so-called premium currency.These are the diamonds in this application and these are very useful because they allow, for example, can skip the waiting time for the construction of a building, and more. Everything important about the Hay Day diamonds you can find out in this article.

Why do we need Hay Day diamonds?

The diamonds in Hay Day are the premium currency this can be up to a few exceptions actually buy only one in-app purchase. These are then very useful, because you can use them for quite a lot of things. So you can thus shorten inter alia, the waiting time for the construction of a building or in certain research to move faster in the game. In addition to this great time advantage have the diamond even more benefits, but you must certainly not big players declare for Hay Day. Much more important is it, as you can get in the game more free premium currency without cheat or hack. We went to the question on the reason and the result can be found under the following heading.

So you get free diamonds in Hay Day

We know the possibilities presented here currently, to get even more diamonds in the app outside the in-app purchase can.You know other possibilities? If so, then we like to write about the comment section of this article.

Open treasure chests

The first way is to open treasure chests. This gets you in Hay Day relatively random but if you get one, then the chance is relatively high to get about a treasure box. Besides diamond also other and not so valuable things are here of course there that you quite often get but in certain situations may well use. This would then entail, for example, things like building material or screws.

Missions execute and achieve success

The second possibility for free diamonds in Hay Day is the execution of a number of tasks that gets put in the app players. Simply by playing and completing a task you will unlock some achievements that give not only money and building materials such as screws, but every now and then is also a diamond with it.

About to buy an in-app purchase premium currency

Who needs still more of the premium currency in the game, which will not come around that via the in-app purchase to get. If you anyway often plays the game and want to invest one or two euros it, then you can do here, this definitely. There’s something for every need and wallet the right size of packets.

There are, for example, 50 diamonds for 1.79 euros currently and larger packages such as 570 diamonds for 17,99 Euro and so on.

  • 50 Diamonds currently cost 1.79 euros (prior 06.2014)
  • 130 Diamonds currently cost 4.49 euros (prior 06.2014)
  • 570 Diamonds currently cost 17,99 Euro (Stand 06.2014)
  • 3750 Diamonds currently cost 89.99 euros (as of 06.2014)

Is there a Hay Day Diamonds Hack?

Probably the most common question is how to allow in the game through their own work free premium currency may come, but a lot more players ask the question whether there is not even a diamond hack for Hay Day? The answer is relatively clear and unambiguous as with other apps too, there are no hacks. Let merely the fingers of any alleged cheats on the internet, because behind only viruses hide. Much better you should invest the time directly in the game instead of trying to make a virus spin with alleged virus from his computer.

Agar.io tricks – How to become #1 in this game

agario tips and tricks for biggest cell

Today we ‘ll talk about a new game, very addictive, I recommend them not to play because enviciaran, but I bet you that if you are here is because they want to learn new tricks and tips and unfortunately already addicted . Well, no problem because I’m in the same place, continuing with the video, we ‘ll discuss basic tricks, also of practical advice.  Agar.io  is a completely fun game 😀no more than 5 days I started to play agar.io and not I took off the laptop, but hey I’ve learned many tricks and want to share with you.

Agar.io tricks

Agar.io even they do not believe it is a strategy game, since they have to think about every move and anticipate the opponent, to start the game give us a mass of 10 to go slowly increasing eating small pentagons on the map, in this game we have 4 elements: a gridded map, small pentagon, a circle with Pugas, and normal circles.

What is the goal of the game?

The goal is simple, being one of the top 10 on the map.

What strategies should I take?

The first is to try to reach 100 mass to feed your smaller rivals on the map sub-dividiéndote; to help activate the option to show mass that is within the white gear, this option will help you calculate the mass when divide yourself

Another tip is to activate the option dark theme ( Dark Theme ) so that your eyes are not too tired.

The rest is a matter of skill and luck 😀

Trick explosive mine

More than a gimmick is a strategy to divide mines to exploit the opponent and increase your mass, the trick is simple, you put yourself behind an explosive cell and press the W, automatically expel a mine your opponent.

Trick Camouflage

This trick is hiding inside a mine when you have a mass of 100 as well as a smaller player pass arrases with him, like a chameleon.

Trick merger

This trick is fun, it is to deceive the opponent to make you follow your smaller sphere, of course you count the 20 seconds after the division,

Trick to be with your friend in the same room without being Party

This has become common in agar.io see a group of friends in the same room for top team and then in the position to change room is easy just press the F5 key and ready changes your room, just looking at It located on top one that is the same as your friend and start doing their antics.

Trick to be with your friend in Party

Agar.io still increased their modes of play, to be with a friend without much effort, we only entered in the party mode, self generates a url with unique room code , which you are sending your friend or the person with whom you want toplay, to join forces and reach the desired top.

Trick watch the game in full screen

This is more than a gimmick is a basic computer knowledge, to make a fullscreen web only press the F11 key and ready, the game in full screen.

Appearance tricks

To change the appearance of your sphere is very simple you just have to put the name of the list you leave here .

Tips Agario

My first tip is about the division, only to escape or break it if you’re sure you’re going to eat the opponent to stop your sphere just have to place the cursor in the middle of it, mobile only stop pressing the screen.

What are the differences in the game if I install it on a mobile

In a mobile I see it a little difficult given the size of the screen is very small , quite apart the fingers obstruct the visibility of other areas when walking map.

There Hacks for Agar.io?

The truth, if there are agario hack tool for this game, it is inevitable to believe that such an addictive game not believe interest for programmers to create hacks , or rather bots , but it makes little sense to use these extensions, the only thing that can bring you are future problems with your computer .

With the tricks that are in this web are basic tools that can help you a lot in future you will acquire skills with other players.

Other Tricks Agar.io

A basic trick is to join with other players , by making union you have more chances of being top 1 side of the player, you should always be careful with those around you, the way you say the other to join it is simple, you send certain amount of spheres pressing the space bar, and if you want to join the returns. During this time you have more chance of being top, but never forget that you’re not the only one who thinks the union or support .

Well those guys are almost all tricks agar.io I know if you know but do not forget to comment, and gladly will place on the page, finally after all we are here to help, greetings and good luck


boom beach base troops

After our last guide on buildings Boom Beach was necessary to stop a second and analyze certain tips, tricks or actions that make our defenses will improve considerably. All advice we give you can be really helpful to build your stronger base.

List of 20 Tips Boom Beach

  1. Place the towers Sniper separate to prevent damage of the bombing by the gunship .
  2. Place towers sharpshooter behind other buildings, so you ‘ll have an distraction and more scope to shoot.
  3. It is advisable to place the machine guns as the first line of defense because they can be useful againstZucas or Warriors .
  4. If you put guns near Boom Machine guns , they can greatly affect large groups that attack, causing them great harm.
  5. It is useful to place Mortars so, they are in the center of the base, and protected by other buildings or defenses. This will give a great defense.
  6. You can place the mortar so that the Warriors or Zucas  not reach it, for example by placing them in the back of the base.
  7. Try to place the guns so that Zucas or Warriors can reach them very easily.
  8. It is advisable to turn up the level of Cannons as quickly as possible so that they gain more health points and damage.
  9. Place towers Snipers behind the flamethrower to compensate, the short range of this.
  10. It is advisable to place the  flamethrower in the first line of defense with machine guns, and to remove large amounts of units attacking group.
  11. Place the Boom Cannon , preferably in the last line of defense of your base. These will use all its scope and powerful damage.
  12. Avoid placing the Boom Cannon in  front of your buildings or your first lines of defense
  13. The best advice regarding Rocket Launcher  is that you place as far away from your headquarters to thus achieve the greatest range of attack.
  14. Do not place the rocket launcher  next to your HQ , because the range in which this defense attacks not cover all of your headquarters and will be useless defense.
  15. It is essential to place the Shocker in an area, which covers most of the buildings in your island, to immobilize any approaching enemy.
  16. The Shocker  is useful against the Warriors , as this achieves pause over this.
  17. Hides Minas behind large buildings, so you can surprise them and even help a little with your defense.
  18. Do not sweep the mines , because they can remove them with the energy of the gunboat.
  19. Do the same with the Boom Minas.  Hide them behind large buildings.
  20. Place Minas Boom  a good distance between them, these affect large groups of units.

This ends our 20 Tips Boom Beach hack to improve your defense . To the following guide.

Clash Royale: Advanced tips to win the game

clash royale free chests

In Clash Royale takes a lot more than putting random letters on the board, no doubt. Indeed, if we already have the deck set with the best cards to initial levels , it is time to apply advanced tips to win all the battles to rid the title of Supercell:

  • Wait for the opponent to attack first letter or use a very low cost . The first movement is always the most difficult, because we and the opponent are waiting for the first letter out on the sand.Obviously we can not wait forever for the opponent ‘s move tab, but from experience, use any card suddenly appears to activate the game. We can prove with a letter very low cost while elixir is filled, as some goblins or rain of arrows.
  • Anticipate the movements of rival troops . With this we mean to use our cards intelligently containment. For example, it is much more effective to throw a fireball or hail of arrows few steps ahead of the target of rival troops, because otherwise we will fail tragically. Since this is not chess against experienced opponents will be very difficult to read the movements, but we can make the most of our weapons. Or at least not throwing them away.
  • Consider the expense of rival elixir . If we want to take seriously the battles that get rid to play to win, we have to do a little math in the course of the game. Nor is it necessary to remove the calculator, but we must take into account from the maximum of available letters elixir takes out the opponent. Example: if your opponent uses a Giant with a Prince, that means that no longer is nothingelixir and must wait, so we can make a move to topple his troops and attack the other.
  • Not send troops low health group . Careful with this, because it can cause us to lose the cards in a very silly way. We are in a scenario where the bulk of the action is on one side of the arena, and decided to send troops low cost on the other side to distract attention. If we have taken good account elixir that has spent the opponent and we decided to attack, we must consider that a fireball at the middle level can wipe out all troops blow. Therefore, no agglutinate troops to attack if we do not want to lose them all.
  • No rushear attacks on rival towers . A basic advice is usually ignored at the first opportunity. Think of that time when the rival tower has left a fingernail HP and low time counter. Our instinct is to send heavy artillery to take that crown and open the gap in the opposing defense, which makes us very exposed on the other side, basically because we have no elixir. It is precisely what we must avoid.Nothing rushear the attack without leaving elixir to defend, or even to strengthen the attack.

After applying and internalizing our basic tips to win , we can put into practice more advanced techniques of defense and attack , using our most effective strategies. In any case, do not forget to stop by our guides to quickly raise the level , get a lot of gold and make winning streaks . Winning will be easier than ever. besides all this clash royale tips and tricks we are adding an amazing clash royale cheats tool by which you will be able to get free gems and gold, without any hassle.

Piano Tiles 2 coins Infinite Cheat

Piano Tiles 2 coins Infinitas Cheat

Piano Tiles 2 is one of the most popular applications on Google Play right now and descargarpianotiles2.com; is a game hobby that is free and that is to play a song by the touch of black tiles that appear on the screen. Each of the tiles touches a part of the song playing and you have to press it before it disappears to advance the level, which produces coins as profit; these coins have an important function is to allow resources such as life and buy diamonds, but how to have Piano Tiles 2 infinity Coins?

Piano Tiles 2 infinity Coins>

Piano Tiles 2 can be obtained Infinitas Coins in 2 ways, one of which requires that the phone is rooted, which in itself is already an advanced stage and the other is the installation of a modeada apk that already has this modification. Both ways to achieve Piano Tiles 2 infinity coins could be classified in the easy and the advanced form, the first being difficult because there is not only that rootear, but to change the values of the coins, to do another process. The second is the easy way but requires the apk is downloaded from a third party source.

Piano Tiles 2 coins Infinitas Cheat.

The easy way is to search for a previously modified application that includes infinite coins as part of its programming, so when you install it, you need not do anything but play. The only downside is that if an upgrade from Google Play Store is released, the new version will replace the old and with it the mods, so the sacrifice is to be prevented from updating the app, at least for Google Play Store, because if who shared the apk modeada publishes a new version would be installed to update it without problems.

The difficult step is the one that is made using a rooted device, since access to the level of administrative privileges allow direct modification of data and values of the game. Piano Tiles 2 coins have Infinitas be possible through an application to modify application data values, which would use ROOT access to do such as Lucky patcher. Lucky Patcher modifies the application so that it has a chance to buy a few things we want without being reflected in a real way in Play Store, so we will not do in real life but only in the game.

Piano Tiles 2 coins Infinitas Cheat..

The game should install it after lucky patcher; Piano Tiles can be downloaded from the Play Store to be opened and then left in the background. We must then open lucky patcher and select Piano Tiles 2 from the list of apps, then select consecutively: ‘open patches menu’, then ‘create modified apk file’, then ‘rebuilded for in-app an LvL emulation’ and then select Ok the pop-up message. We leave the desk and uninstalled the game and then return to Lucky Patcher em button and select ‘rebuild and install’ and headed to the directory lucky patcher / modified / piano.tiles.2 and select and install the apk inside.


Battlefront: Rogue One – rumored new Star Wars video games

The Website Star Wars Union claims to have learned from a reliable source of new Star Wars games. Among them is also a Battlefront: his Rogue One.


Star Wars Battlefront


The Website Star Wars-Union reported currently based supposedly credible but anonymous sources of new Star Wars games that in some cases this year are published.Officially confirmed is nothing, however, naturally suggest that EA wants to use its Star Wars license as well as possible.

In conversation, among other things, a game titled Battlefront: Rogue One, the time for the same film to be released in Q4 2016th This could be either a spin off or a paid add-on Star Wars: Battlefront act. Here they had already indicated that it is rogue One content could imagine.

At the same time is, according to the site a Rogue-One Playset for Disney Infinity will be published. In addition to 2017 8 also appear to a Star Wars Playset and another Lego game. Only recently has a Lego game to the awakening of the power announced.

The biggest complaint about Star Wars Battlefront is its repetitiveness. The free Battle of Jakku DLC helped but gamers are focused on the future. With that in mind, we want to take a look at the most important things to know right now about Star Wars Battlefront DLC for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Star Wars Battlefront puts gamers into huge battles on places like Hoth and into the shoes of famous heroes and villains like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. It looks great and the gameplay is fun for gamers of all ages.

The game’s has improved thanks to the free Battle of Jakku DLC and several patches that fixed glaring Battlefront problems on PS4, Xbox One and PC. That hasn’t stopped the flow of complaints though and some gamers are still fixated on its repetitiveness due to the limited weapon options, maps and characters.

Star Wars Battlefront doesn’t have the mod support that games like Fallout have so Battlefront gamers are going to have to rely on downloadable content (DLC) for added depth. Fortunately, EA and DICE have a ton of content in the works.

Battlefront Rogue One..


‘Piano Tiles 2’ Cheats: Coin Multiplier Hack, Plus Strategy Tips & Tricks

piano-tiles 2


Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap The While Tile 2) is sitting pretty at the top of the free apps chart in the iOS App Store, and for good reason. It’s basically Guitar Hero for your iPhone or Android.

If you’ve been playing Piano Tiles 2 but have been frustrated by how long it takes to collect coins, there’s a way to install a hack that unlocks coin multiplier cheats. To do this however, you will need to have either a jailbroken iOS device or rooted Android device.

Once you’ve done that, install Xmod games by either going through Cydia on iOS or navigating to this link while on Android. After Xmod games has been installed, make sure Piano Tiles 2 is not running in the background and then open up Xmod games.

Install the Piano Tiles 2 mod to unlock the x10 coin multiplier cheat. There is also a mod available for the original Piano Tiles that lets you hack all black tiles to white during all mode.

If installing a Piano Tiles 2 hack isn’t your thing, there are a couple strategic tips and tricks that may help you boost your game without cheats.

1. First off, keep your eyes as undistracted as possible and make sure not to turn on the mutli-colored tiles option. You may also want to change the default black tile color to something a little bit more eye-pleasing.

2. Secondly, you want to use two fingers when you play Piano Tiles 2.

piano tiles 2

By using two fingers, each one of your fingers only has to cover two columns of tiles of distance, which means that as the game speeds up, you keep up with it.

3. Last but not least, consider turning off the sound in Piano Tiles 2 hack. While understandably, sound is a major part of what makes Piano Tiles 2 so great, when you’re hungry for the high score you need to get rid of all distractions.

Fun Piano Tiles fact! There is an online version of Piano Tiles hosted on the Optimus Game Lab website, meaning you can play Piano Tiles in your browser.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in modern warfare game Mobile Strike

mobile strike tips and tricks

Equipment Zone has not been unsuccessful with its Recreation of Conflict: Fireplace Era, the epic dream -strategy game for cell that has been the top- concept while in the $30 billion mobile gaming industry because the summer.

Nevertheless now a strange new recreation, Cellular Reach, has gone live and is being advertised with a company named Legendary Struggle. Actor Arnold “Terminator” Schwarzenegger could be the frontman for your artwork selling the current warfare game. Multiple resources have told me that Epic War can be a section of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Unit Area, and the sources observed the similarity between Game of Battle and Mobile Attack. Unit Region is also the owner of the Mobile Reach logo.

After months of screening in areas, the overall game went worldwide nowadays on Amazon on a global basis, iOS, and Google Perform. In response to our narrative, Device Zone established that Mobile Attack has been developed by it and that Impressive Warfare is its new studio.

“We are extremely excited about the start of Portable Reach and therefore are excited to have image like Arnold Schwarzenegger as our spouse and personification of the game. We chose to adopt the tried-and genuine-facility model that lots of developers use and so are also excited to declare Legendary Struggle, our new facility whose team is dedicated to building and controlling this new game,” said Gabe Leydon, cofounder and President, Machine Area, in a record. “The new business enables us to maintain the present, dedicated sources in truth and to Game of Struggle, we intend to grow the GOW-targeted customer and engineering service teams. We are continuously trying to enhance the game experience for the enthusiastic and dedicated players.”

Unit Region launched Game of Battle within the summer of 2013, and possesses had incredible stamina, remaining within the top- three grossing listing for many of the past two years in the nearly $30 billion gaming industry. It realized Supercell’s Clash of Clans to become the No. 1 money-making sport. Machine Zone chief executive Gabe Leydon talked at our GamesBeat 2015 discussion about his company’s method. Revenues for Game of Conflict are believed to be in the thousands each day and vast sums annually.

Mobile Strike will be the first Unit Zone sport to obtain a global debut since the release of Recreation of Warfare. It’s going to be a large bet if Mobile Strike’s growth carries any resemblance for the original Sport of Battle.

As GamesBeat has observed before, Leydon bet anything on Game of Warfare, adding a crew of 80 people about it for 1 5 years. They designed a message structure, so people world wide might join one another in alliances developed a translation level, designed a sophisticated strategy game that participants might get back to over and over, as well as raised a round of venture funding to underwrite all of it. He also took out a Super Bowl ad in commercials that obtained a living of the own on YouTube, with supermodel Kate Upton. Recreation of Battle runs on really low-finish Android devices, providing the widest possible circulation among smartphones and pills to it.

Machine Sector has attempted to maintain the magic planning, and it presented a brand new group of advertisements featuring singer Mariah Carey in a brand new campaign for Sport of War. During that strategy, the game has slept within the No. 1 placement for that prime- grossing games.

At our function, Leydon stated that the business has more than 550 workers, when compared with just 95 ahead of the Sport of Conflict introduction, plus it added 200 people in Vegas to cope with customer service.

He stated that the business was entirely filled retaining Sport of Struggle continually running and updated. It’s had some hiccups, such as a current 10-time maintenance interruption along with a short-term boycott staged by some high-level players and their alliances. Those participants wished improvements for example better real-time efficiency and small bug fixes.

But for one of the part, the game working nicely for present Sport of War players has been retained by Unit Region. Sport of Conflict is a free-to- play with game, where participants can begin playing for free, but there is no-limit on how much they can spend on personal items. You can bet that Machine Sector can do what it might to encourage Recreation of Conflict people — notably those who find themselves spending money at the highest levels in order to make sure their alliances keep competitive while in the international rankings — that it’ll not lower its expenditure in Recreation of Struggle, even while it starts selling the brand new game.

I saved the newest game today on iOS. Sofar, I’ve been going away on the different keys which come up that ask me join alliances to execute tasks, aid coalition people, and buildout my fortress. By doing so, it’s a lot like Sport of War’s gameplay.

In the long-run, we believed that Machine Area needed to be focusing on new titles. It’s wise for that business to take the infrastructure it create with Recreation of War and utilize other activities to run centered on different common types, on that same structure, for example Mobile Strike. Mobile Attack looks like a reskin in relatively early stages of Warfare, filled with alliance combat of Sport.

Regarding that infrastructure, we were informed by Leydon at GamesBeat 2015 , “The backend is created on something we contact multiple-messaging, which really is a messaging processing technology. It’s a relative to high-frequency trading. It’s not an average game server. We’re not just unable to approach most of the steps in the game very quickly. Interesting tech. We’ve done it . We can handle higher than a million people playing together at the same time in Recreation of War’s previous version. No other recreation in the world can perform that.”

Leydon said previously he didn’t consider the “multi-name approach will last,” presented how difficult it was to keep an international top- grossing game. But there’s a definite chance here. Nobody has created the current warfare variety — which is huge around the Laptop along with the consoles into a constantly high-ranking top- grossing game on mobile devices with businesses including Battlefield and Callofduty —. they represent no risk towards the top three games, although you can find brands like Modern Warfare by Gree, Modern Combat by Gameloft.

Unit Zone needs to get ready using a new game in-case people eventually get tired of Game of Warfare and need to perform another thing.

He explained, “2017 will be, about the circulation area, probably three to five times tougher than it’s now. People complain about how complicated it is today. People in 2017 will look back and say we’d it easy. The difficulty of running a game across all areas and all devices will go up. The requirements for a business to help you to execute on that in a top-quality fashion can go up accordingly. I could observe profitable worldwide sport companies growing into the selection of thousands of people.

I try to location the company—there’s lots of instruments and technology and processes that don’t occur for free-to-play at this time. Stay in front of the curve and we have to produce them. Niccolo [De Masi of Glu Mobile] covers them with stars, that will be totally sensible and sees circulation issues. I view it as a technology problem that there currently isn’t a remedy for. That’s what we’re investing our R&D toward.”

Awesome Site to learn how to hack mobile strike .