How to transfer and synchronize Brawl Stars from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS

Moving Stars Brawl account from Android

Do you need to synchronize two Android or iOS devices with the same game Brawl Stars? Here is the complete guide that explains how to do

If you are excited by the idea of starting to play Brawl Stars also on your Android device, but you have already started the adventure with the game on the iPhone, iPod or iPad even with the beta version released in Canada, then surely this guide It will be very useful, as we will explain how to synchronize your account from iOS to Android or should bring Android to iOS following the guidelines of Supercell games:  how to transfer Brawl Stars from iOS to Android or how to synchronize Brawl Stars from Android to iOS ?

For two years now Supercell part offers the possibility to transfer or synchronize your village Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and in this case Brawl Stars, from your old device or first device to another regardless of the operating system. There is a unique eccezinoe However, the synchronization between the two devices is limited to iOS Game Center, for example, if you want to connect your current game Android or iOS Game Center to a new account you will have to take care one of the old-link account.

Moving Stars Brawl account from Android to iOS or vice versa

This way you can keep playing the same game also with two or more devices simultaneously.

First of all, the new device, you need to install the game and wait for the initial stage: once started you will find that, quite rightly, your adventure will begin again, because Google does not recognize any connection to other accounts.

The first step is mandatory because the game forces you to follow the test battle to “educate” the new players. Once you have achieved victory over the enemy, which is quite easy since there will be enemies to play in that game, you’ll get the rewards and the first Brawl Box. Not impegnartici because this match will be lost or overwritten better.

Now log in Brawl Stars by iOS on your first device, and tap the gear form in the upper right ( Settings ), select the small button blue  Link Device , up and up  This is the OLD DEVICE . At this point you ask you if you want to synchronize your game with an iOS device or another, because Android is not Apple system, press on ” I want to link to another device .” Will appear at this point a secret code, please open this screen. From this moment on, your game will be synchronized between two or more devices!

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