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GTA V: Rockstar tips to be master in online mode

Sunday, January 1st, 2017


Do you want to be the king of GTA V in your online mode? In melty we summarize the clues of the advice Rockstar has offered to all players aspiring to dominate Los Santos.

That Rockstar has decided to forget about new DLC in GTA V to and move to give absolute priority to the online mode you look at things like that you now have in melty. The developer has just published a series of tips that, while they may seem elementary, are very helpful to become the master in the online mode of GTA V. Did you know, for example, that teams that share money among its members usually Have a much higher percentage of wins than the rest? Here’s how the money (and death) are not everything in the online mode GTA V. There is a world far beyond the shootings in which it is essential to know well keep a cool head.

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It is vital to be clear that once we have started the online game we will not be able to supply weapons or ammunition during the game, even though we choose to play in the maximum freedom mode that allows us to swarm throughout Los Santos. Therefore, it is essential that we equip ourselves properly before each game.

Similarly, Rockstar advised to always have about several vehicles, especially choppers and some other aircraft; You never know where the action will go. We need to keep our attention fixed on the reward of our mission, it is preferable to avoid battle when trigger a tiroteo.Si this happens, it is vital to have activated the option aim of our weapon that gives priority to the unknown: we do not want to shoot the Members of our team, right?

With the latest update GTA V Online we have seen it has significantly increased the presence of missions called ‘free mode’ , confirming once and for all in the online game mode can find practically a new and different title As seen in story mode. Finally, Rockstar has been posting on his account Twitter interesting tricks and tips on basics that no player should ignore when play online games. You can consult these tips by clicking on the following link. How would you like to improve the online mode of GTA V?